Joining the Bradenton Ghost Walk? A Walk-in Clinic Has Four Reminders

Realize Bradenton, a non-profit organization that works to boost the social, cultural and physical aspects of Bradenton, Florida, will hold the Downtown Bradenton Ghost Walk in the dowtown area.

Tour guides will share their personal experiences, as well as documented accounts of paranormal activities and haunting occurrences in some of Bradenton’s most popular places. The Ghost Walk will take about 90 minutes and will start from The Riverwalk on Pier 22 at 8:00pm.

Ghost Walk

Haunted Places in Bradenton

Here are three of the haunted places in Bradenton, FL.

The Hampton Inn and Suites is a 1920s-style hotel renovated recently. After construction work began, workers reported tools that went missing suddenly, or seeing some strange woman in white dress loitering in the 7th floor and disappearing.

The Manatee Playhouse is also a structure from the 1920s, which is said to be haunted by a young girl who appears onstage. The playhouse staff also reported hearing running footsteps after dark in the hallways of the building.

Braden Castle, a castle-like structure from mid-1800s, is now a protected ruins with a long history of haunting, since it is an abandoned building. One funny story involved three men, who wanted to visit the haunted site and were greeted by sounds and movement, which scared them. They finally decided to confront the “ghost”, only to find out that it was their neighbor’s goat, looking for a place to rest.

Keeping Healthy During the Tour

If you are planning to join the Downtown Bradenton Ghost Walk, here are three things you should keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You will be exploring old, dark buildings so heeled shoes might not be the right pair to use in a walking tour. Wear sneakers to avoid slipping or tripping during the tour. Bring a jacket; it might get chilly inside the buildings, even in summer. Wear pants and top that absorb sweat and feel airy.
  • Make sure you don’t have a heart ailment. These ghost tours are really just for fun, but the places you will visit may be real haunted spots and may look creepy from the onset. Even some of the bravest tourists may get a scare. For your safety, consult a Bradenton urgent care physician before you join to obtain a clean bill of health and a go-signal for the tour.
  • Bring camera, water and flashlight. Always carry a bottle of water or water jug, as walking tours make you thirsty. Have your own flashlight handy in case you go into dark hallways. The guide may furnish you with one but it pays to be prepared. It may be dark and your camera might not get the best shots; still, the camera is not for the ghost, it’s for you and your buddies.
  • Keep a copy of the contact numbers of a walk-in clinic in Bradenton, such as the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. In case you trip and sprain your ankle, feel fatigued and dizzy, or suffer from any other injury during the tour, call the clinic right away or have the guides do it.

Preparing for your ghost tour,

Joining the Bradenton Ghost Walk? A Walk-in Clinic Has Four Reminders