Bradenton Urgent Care: How to Deal with Shin Splints After Running

Riverwalk is offering many activities that could help get your body moving. Events are lined up in which people can run, walk, and powerwalk. Through such events, the city aims to help improve people’s quality of life.

Bradenton Urgent Care

Though these running and walking events provide a chance to start living a healthier lifestyle, there are injury risks you need to be prepared for. Otherwise, you may have to spend your day at a walk-in clinic in Bradenton instead of being out in the sun at Riverwalk. Shin splints are one of the most common injuries caused by running or walking. Learning more about this injury will help you avoid or treat it immediately.

What are Shin Splints?

Shin splints are an injury that cause pain in the lower leg, either on the front outside or the inside. Beginning runners are prone to this injury, especially those who aren’t able to gradually increase their mileage. A sudden shift in workout routine can also cause shin splints, as well as changes in running surfaces. If you are a beginner runner and you are pushing yourself too much without giving yourself enough time to improve and adjust, then you may likely sustain shin splints.

Symptoms of Shin Splints

Shin splints manifest through a sharp pain when you try lifting and flexing your foot. They also hurt more in the morning  due to the tightening of soft tissues during sleep. Shin Splints are unlike stress fractures in which the pain goes away in the morning. If you have a stress fracture, the pain can be felt when you press your fingertips along your shin and hit a spot that is highly painful.

Solutions to Shin Splints

When you sustain shin splints, avoid pushing through the pain. Instead,stop running until the injury heals. You can also apply ice to the affected area to alleviate inflammation. Considering medial shin splints, stretching your Achilles can remove some of the pain. On the other hand, for anterior shin splints,  you should work on stretching your calves. Cross training may also help to alleviate pain by combining swimming, aqua aerobics, and biking as your shin heals.

Keeping all these information in mind will help you deal with shin splints, allowing you to avoid injury during your running event. In case you sustain an injury and it doesn’t heal on its own, visit a Bradenton urgent care clinic for a checkup.

How To Treat And Beat Shin Splints

Bradenton Urgent Care: How to Deal with Shin Splints After Running