Four Thanksgiving Injuries that Can Put You in a Bradenton Urgent Care Center

Stuffing your turkey or deep frying it? Perhaps you’re serving up rich cornbread, creamy mac and cheese, or a healthy green bean casserole. No matter what your table looks like on Thanksgiving, it’s sure to be laden with lots of mouthwatering food. Thanksgiving is definitely a time for sharing a great meal with your friends and loved ones. However, that very delicious tradition— cooking— is also one of the top reasons why Bradenton urgent care centers see a huge spike in accidents during this holiday.


A busy kitchen is an accident-prone area, even more so during big holidays like Thanksgiving. There’s certainly an increased potential for injuries, so being aware of what can happen is a prudent way to prevent problems.


A hot oven, a flaming stove, scalding pots— fire and heat are essentials in food preparation. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when cooking. Don’t wear loose clothes since they can catch fire. Keep pot handles facing towards the back burners to decrease your chances of knocking pots over. Be careful when handling hot pans, and make sure to wear kitchen mitts so you don’t burn yourself.


With so many dishes to make, you’ll be doing a lot of chopping and cutting. Therefore, you need to be extra careful. Stay completely focused and don’t rush anytime you’re handling a knife or other sharp cutting tool. When it’s time to carve the bird, carve slowly to avoid slipping. Also, don’t allow inexperienced first-timers to handle cutting tools— let the experts handle this task.


Sure, it’s exciting to see all the amazing food in front of you, and it’s almost impossible to choose which dish to start eating first. Too many people eat too much, too fast during a Thanksgiving meal. This can lead to heartburn, which manifests through chest pains, indigestion, and pain similar to the feeling of a heart attack.

Fractures, Strains, Sprains

Aside from the food, other Thanksgiving traditions include outdoor sports like football. All too often, people tend to rush outside after a heavy meal to throw a ball around. This can result in shortness of breath and chest pains. In addition, it can make people vulnerable to painful sprains, strains, and fractures. In order to have the most fun, always take a break after eating before overexerting yourself by playing games.

You can take all the necessary precautions, but with so many people in the house, you simply cannot prevent every all accidents from occurring. Since many doctors’ offices are closed during Thanksgiving, head to an urgent care facility in Bradenton, such as U.S. HealthWorks, for immediate treatment of any non-life threatening injury.


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