Urgent Care Clinics Talk Safety Techniques when Holiday Decorating

When it comes to decorations, you definitely do not want your house to be the one on the block to be left behind during the holidays. If you still have not put up anything, you have got some serious catching up to do.

In your haste, however, do not forget that you also have to make safety your number one priority. Believe it or not, the Christmas season yields some of the highest jumps in injuries every year. Most of this spike in mishaps comes from the number of slips and falls.

Avoid contributing to such statistics by listening to what your Bradenton urgent care center has to say about safety. You can therefore enjoy decorating your house in time for the holidays without compromising its festivities and joys.

Christmas Decor

Secure Rugs and Mats

Loose rugs and mats can become trip hazards. When putting up Christmas decorations, place a non-stick mat underneath the rugs so that they don’t bunch up and cause a stumble. This non-stick mat can also be placed beneath your ladder’s legs to ensure stability.

Removing the rug completely is also an option, despite the hassle of having to put it back in place. As long as you properly secure them and they do not get in the way of your work area, all should be fine.

Use the Correct Ladder

You may be tempted to step on your sofa, a table or chair to reach high areas, but this is definitely not advisable. Not only is it unsafe for you, but the furniture might also break under your weight. After all, it was not designed to be used as a stepping stool.

Instead, use an extendable ladder. This is more stable and secure, and sturdy enough to carry your weight. If you’ll use it to climb up to the roof for holiday decorating, make sure that your ladder extends beyond the edge of the roof by at least three feet. Otherwise, it will be difficult and unsafe to climb onto, and off of, the rooftop. You need the stable force of the ladder to grip, rather than a flimsy eve or the trim of the roofline.

Without following some basic safety habits, you become vulnerable to a serious accident. But, in case you do get injured, head to a walk-in clinic serving Bradenton so that you can be treated.

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Urgent Care Clinics Talk Safety Techniques when Holiday Decorating